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How is Regulation in the Chemical Industry Affecting Innovation Globally?


August 16, 2013 - 10:54am


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Mr. Hans-Cristian Eppich of InnoChem, director of business development at Sopheon, says that he works 80% of my time with large customers accounts from chemical space and in his vast experience, he has seen the heavy and hefty regulations affecting innovation badly, and regulations going on in different markets and regional spaces mainly. It's his concern that most regulations are related to environment and safety protections. But also with market and regional to protect the intellectual properties. He is from the European Union, and he states the most famous regulation is the REACH. It was set in 2007, it was about registration, evaluation, authorization, restriction of chemicals. His belief and calculation is that, even though it is a European regulation, it affects the global market because REACH has constraints for all chemical that are either manufactured, imported, marketed or used on the premises of EU. So, when Johnson & Johnson, and Dove or whoever wants to bring in and make use of the chemicals from the US or from other places, they need to comply with REACH with the regulation issued by the EU. If it's BASF or Merck that want to use chemical in other markets, they have to comply with the regional regulations. RACH is considered to be bureaucratic, where there are lot of forms as the name itself suggests. He reveals, initially REACH was thought to bring down the number of patents or number of innovation successfully issued in the markets just by the bureaucracy it required 

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