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Israeli Micro-breweries Set To Attract More Consumers


September 10, 2013 - 7:07pm


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The specialized craft beers made in very small batches by small companies that are called Micro-breweries are finding it difficult to survive. Most of them are from Europe and US, and a lot of Micro-breweries are being made in Middle-East. The unique quality of Micro-brewery Pubs is that of the special brews, variety of beers. In the last two-three years, over 20 different micro-breweries have come up in Israel.

One such brewery, which has been functioning for a couple of years, and as well created its own brand, and contract brewing. It's got its own equipment and expertise to make batches of beer for others. It's a small scale scene, but it is the one that is repeated across the country. Dagan Bar Ilan, Owner of The People's Brewery says that it is a revolutionary business, the competitive scene is more of a colleague rather a competitor who supports each other. He says that the intention is to grow, the empty floors to be filled with equipments, machines and employees and that it has become a career for him. But there are threats for this micro-breweries business, which is the Israeli government who are passing new laws that will double the purchasing tax on beer. It's a big burden for small producers.

Shachar Hertz, Owner of Beer and Beyond, who has been in Israeli beer scene from quite long time, who has been organizing beer festivals and sells brewing equipments says that the tax rise is threatening this fledgeling industry but even without it some breweries already have their work cut out. He adds that there is not enough room for all the competitors and they are struggling and trying to keep the head above the water. The problem also is in the history of the country not having had of making or drinking beer. In order to sustain and survive, you have to create a culture of drinking beer as a basic thing and not something that you only at a pub. The consumption of beer in Israel is one of the lowest and astonishingly there are more Muslim countries that drink more beer.

Even though Israel does not have the culture of beer consumption, but it does have of alcohol. The capital is one of the largest consumers of Vodka, with a tendency toward sweet drinks. There is also an additional cost factor that's causing halts in growth of the beer industry as they are expensive, and the part of that is due to small number of breweries operating in Israel, and they have yet to get their economic stability stable in order to function with moderate pricing. Most of the ingredients are imported except for water.

Many Israelis have welcomed the change and are positively going ahead with beer consumption, they find different flavor, special brews to be of good quality and that they hope to see the beers in the global market and hope for success.

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