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M2M & Telecom Industry Update (An Interview)


September 1, 2013 - 11:21am


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Craig Resnick, VP of ARC Advisory Group interviewed Grant Seiffert, President of TIA. Beginning, at the introduction, what does TIA stand for and the function of the organization are discussed where Mr. Seiffert clarifies that TIA is an 8 year old trade organization functioning by representing a set of high-tech manufacturers. They are based on Washington but not just focuses on policies but they are an SDO as well, that is accredited by ANSI. There are over three thousand standards in the market place in the telecom network that is being worked in every day by seventy different engineering committee, in cabling, data centers, in the cell tower industry as well as M2M. On the request of more elaborated information by Mr. Resnick, Mr. Seirffert discusses what else brought their organization to the ARC forum and what are some of the things he has observed so far. It is TIA's 2nd year and they have recently released a new Press Release announcing a new standard that is in M2M space for automation and the manufacturing industry to be used to maintain common standard, that provides ease of use interface. Along with the announcement of new partnership with OPC for mutual benefits of reduced cost in the market place and proliferation of global reach while being a global organization.

Following, TR-50's announcement was described and what it stands for. TR-50 goes back in history, almost been around for over eight decades and it is just a number for reference in the industry to use for the Technical Requirement or Technical Regulation in the standards arena. And it is a global standard as TIA is a global organization. According to Mr. Seiffert, they are in the mobile wireless base, they are the leaders in the CDMA network infrastructure from a standards perspective. In semiconductor an sem-fab space, these TR-50 applications are used and major companies such as Intel, Samsung, Cisco, Nokia- Seimens network, Alcatel-Lucent, these are the global based corporations and they are not just working in the telecom industry but they are getting into enterprise, automation and big manufacturing plants around the world. Also, there are number of talks with transportation departments going on as well.

In addition, the issues relating to cyber security and how TIA address this issues are discussed, where Mr. Seiffert sheds light on the measures taken, as he has experienced communication industry being helpful in running the networks and their secured networks protecting consumer data and businesses data. He also informed that there are ongoing talks at The White House with them on briefing on cyber security and critical infrastructure, so he says they are very much involved in the DC arena, also with the policy and decision makers in the cyber security legislation. Lastly, the issues related to the Cloud and Sustainability where major governments, public are concerned, so Mr. Seiffert responds that they are the leading standards group in the data center, and that they have had a tremendous amount of experience with the cloud, and that this technology is only going to grow in the future. But tackling issues are happening in real time and the innovation for new technology is like a limitless sky. It is his hope for the whole industry to work together in cyber security protecting the cloud with ease of use and harmonization in the standard space, and of sustainability issue, he believes that they are trying extremely hard in solving the problems relating to energy efficiency and along with their industry, their customers are looking to reduce the carbon footprint. He says that they have recently launched a foundation that has taken the best practices of all the high-tech association and put them into one organization called STAP. And the aim is to focus on sustainability before the future and how they can better unite the industry as far as best practices and standards that are already out there building standards and promoting them.

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