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Medical Device Industry's Major Game Changers


September 7, 2013 - 6:26am


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According Dan Korl, now for many investors, there is hardly a better feeling on the market, in finding the under radar stock just before it blossoms. Now the medical device industry is home to several tops docs but what should up and coming should you be watching for, lets check out the 3 of tomorrow's rising stars. Now its really imaging device firm Given Imaging, is that the tough year so far, company shares have waxed and waned to date, well that doesn't make this stock a less attractive. The firm's flagship product the Pillcam, the adjustive imaging capsule, has picked up strong sales recently. Its seeing revenues increase recently in US who are given as the struggle. Now given sales, the majority of sales overseas, its done a very good job, picking up regular approval, in places like Europe and Japan. Its also got regulatory approval pending in the US for its Pillcam colon variant, and other variant of its current product. Now if the Pillcam takes off in the US, all will be going well for Given. Company has struggled a bit recently but the potential is big.

Number two is the a Abiomed, a cardiac device maker that has not struggled om 2013. It's shares up more than 60% to date. However the company's long term future is also attractive. Abiomed recorded its 15th consecutive core growth double digit revenue increases. Rising costs have hurt the company's earnings recently but demand has been surging for its product. The Impella Heart Pump was implanted in its 15000th patient in US. Part of the surge is the power the US company's revenue. Abiomed is also looking to expand in overseas, but it's in the US that Abiomed has thrived. Several major insurance are now covering the Abiomed's products under coverage packages and the big picture is looking bright, the proof is the 60% growth.

Mako Surgical is the third player, who has had its share of detractors recently but after a terrible start the stocks are up. This is one of the recognizable names in the device industry's most innovative business, robotic surgery. Robotic surgery has had problems particular with Intuitive surgical, they have struggled from bad PR and falling sales.  Even though Intuitive Surgical have shown how volatile the robotic surgical industry can be, but Mako is finally showing signs of life. Mako's past struggles are finally showing signs of turn. 

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